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News 24: The Crackle Of The Power

The Crackle Of The Power

Lesley Mntungwa started her working life as a clerk at Eskom. Today she’s the hands-on owner of an electrical engineering company, writes Sue Grant-Marshall

African Olive is an unlikely name for an electrical engineering business, especially ?one dealing with electrical substations, yet that is precisely why Lesley Mntungwa decided to keep it.

She explains: “We bought it as a shelf company and were going to change (the name), but the more quizzical interest it aroused, the more it grew on us. It’s unusual, so people remember it.”


Our Entrepreneurs - Lesley Mntungwa

Our Entrepreneurs

BUSINESS MILESTONE: 2011 winner of Business Women’s Association of South African Regional Business Achiever awards in the Entrepreneur Category.

Government and Industry are acutely aware that for South Africa to continue to be the economic powerhouse of Africa, leading the continent in industrial output and mineral production, electricity capacity constraints risks have to be well managed. To this end billions of Rands are being invested in a new generation power stations and other infrastructure, supported by critical expertise, in support of our economic goals


Top Performing Companies

African Olive Trading 205 (Pty) Ltd, owned by Siyabonga and Lesley Mntungwa, has been in the high-voltage electrical engineering business since April 2007. The company’s mission is to provide electrical engineering companies with reliable, highly-technological, high quality, outsourced design, commissioning, stringing, and cabling services. African Olive is a B-BEE-owned and controlled electrical engineering company. It is focussed on testing and commissioning of new and refurbished primary and secondary plant high-voltage electrical equipment; protection applications and design modifications of high-voltage electrical equipment; and stringing and cabling of high-voltage electrical equipment.

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BWA Regional Business Achiever Awards

BWA Regional Business Achiever Awards

African Olive Director, Lesley Mntungwa, was recently awarded by the Business Woman’s Association of South Africa at their annual BWA Regional Business Achiever Awards held at Gallagher Estate in November 2011. African Olive walked away winners in the Entrepreneur category for the Gauteng Region.



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Plan, Plan and Plan Again

I was born in Newlands East, Durban. Both my parents are entrepreneurs and had their own businesses while I was growing up. So I guess I observed from an early age the fulfillment of creating something that is uniquely yours. I also saw the weight of that kind of responsibility over their lives and the impact that had on our family.

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